Arian Sinshu - Number One Son & Technophile from the 23rd Century.
Bloodbarth - Blood Brother & Wheelchair Bound but not Restricted.
Colorman - Internet Brother @ Arms & future business partner.
Scarea - A most intelligent female friend of Colorman lives in CANADA.
Snack Queen - Mother 2 Pillyfell & Old Family Friend from way back.
Mum - (Q)Where would you be with out one? (A) A Vat Grown Replicant.
Dad - As above. Living Legend & Crazy Bushwalker.
Mr_BuNgLe - My Youngest Brother the Computer Hacker.
ChicChick - Our only Sister (How did she ever survive?).
Sparky - My sister's boyfriend (I'm watching him) 3D Animator.
Red Dog - Second Youngest Chef in the Making, Surfer & Crazy Man.
Vixstar - Red Dog's Girlfriend & Soul Mate the best thing that has happened 4 him.
Romero - School Friend of Bloodbarth & new friend of Mine.
Druty - Mother 2 DirtMagnet & girlfriend (future wife) of Romero
Creeping Jesus - A Crazy Friend who lives in a tree house.
Spudnut - Or Droftel Onad 2 his friends brother of Snack Queen.
Deathdealer - Oldest Neigbour of Bloodbarth's Family.
Cyrax - Another Multiplayer Gammer with a PII400 Beast.
Bigboy - Big Brother 2 Spudnut & Snack Queen.
Whinebag - Race caller 4 Sky Channel & a Farking C**T!
Spike - A Freelance Technician & Born Again Christian.
Mr Crapven - Father of Bloodbarth & Thorn in my Side. (Kick the Bucket soon U old Fart!)
Mrs Crapven - Mother of Bloodbarth & the only person i like in his Family.
Crazy - Brother of Bloodbarth & A Totally Self Centered Asshole, but he's blood.
BigMouth - Sister 2 Bloodbarth & that's about it, no help in any way always sides with Mr Crapven.
Wanker - Works @ Channel Nine Brisbane for several years thinks he's Intelligent? (the name says it all).
Little John - Boy in a mans body, but he's a lot of Fun. Romero has known him 4 several yrs.
PornKing - Friend of Bloodbarth's that goes way back, Computer Programmer.
Lounge Lizard - Musician, Snack Queen's Man & Father of Pillyfell.
Bannen - Druty's Brother & Local Good Old Boy.
 Locien - Bannen's Girlfriend, Quiet type till she gets on the Piss.
MaryMay - It will take time 2 work it out, but she is important.
4KQ - My Boss, Mentor, PC owner & father.
Skinhead - Worker 4 Bickle Enterprises, Gamer?
The Actress - A Friend of Druty's from Coles Checkout days.
Rossco - Huge Mountain Man, from Dayboro Living Legend.
Fi - Wife of Rossco & Mum 2 BushKid.
Flower - Race caller 4 4TAB & just like his nick ;-)
Jacko - Gamer & PC Freak.
Steel - Gamer & PC Freak.
Bro Color - Colormans half/brother & PC user.
Asswipe - 4TAB caller and Major Asshole.
Natmister - Old friend of  Druties from Harvey Bay.
GOOSE - A technician with more on his mind than nesessary.
MumfromHell - Sister of Romero & bad seed.
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