Mouse over Statement

This is the Main Heading

69 Your Street,
Your Suburb, Your State 6969.

Hello there this is the 1st paragraph, just view the source of this page to find out how the tricks are done.

And this is the 2nd one, or just "save as" from the file menu on your browser.

These are diffrent styles.

This text is centered.

This text is Bold.
This text is italic.
This text is Monospaced Typewriter Type.
This text is Underlined.
This text is subscript.
This text is superscript.
This Emphasized text.
This is Strongly Emphasized text.
This is text in Citation.
Text representing an HTML Element Sample.
This is text in defination.
This text is an output sample, simmilar to code
This is text representing a keyboard key.
THis is text defining a value.
This text is Blockquoted into a box centered in the screen for all to see
This text is Red.
This text is Blue.
This text is Green.
This text is Yellow.
This text is Pink.
This text is White.
This text is Brown.
This text is Gold.
This text is Aqua.
This text is Purple.
This text is Orange.
This text is Gray.
This text is Fluro Green.
This text is Silver.
This text is Light Blue.
This text is Light Green.
This text is Teal.
This text is Cream.
This text is Magenta.
This text is +4 size
This text is +3 size
This text is +2 size
This text is +1 size
This is Normal text
This text is -1 size
This text is -2 size
This text is -3 size
This text is -4 size

Aligning Text around Graphics

Image Aligned to the LeftThis text should wrap around the the graphic file which is aligned to the left, if the alignment is correct and the right Tags are applied to it. Image Aligned to the LeftThis is Vertically spaced by 5 units and Horizontally spaced by 10 units. And If i continue typing you will see it has wraped all the way around the graphic. This is effective if you are typing up a resume and want to include a small picture if the graphics does not seem to be working then mabey Style Sheets are the way to go. Plus I have added another Graphic Pic to the Right side as well just to keep the balance. Now were cooking with Gas! See I told you that this would work what a great day in learning it is today.

These are Imbeded Objects

2K & KLF
AVI Video will play here if present in a 200 x 100 Box.

These are Local Media Files Hyperlinks

Click to Hear a Windows WAV Audio File.
Click to Read a TEXT file.
Click to See an MPeg Movie.
Click to See a RealMedia Video.
Click to See a RealMedia Live Stream.
Click to See a JPEG Graphic File.
Click to See a Windows BMP Graphic File.
Click to See a GIF Graphic File.
Click to See a TIF Graphic File.
Click to Visit a VRML World.
Click to See an QuickTime Movie.
Click to See an Acrobat PDF File.
Click to See an Windows AVI Video.

This is an example of Basic Tables

Your Company Assets
Type of AssetDescriptionItem NumberMarket Value
Computer PII400Flogging MachinePC101$3500
BJC-4300 PrinterColor + Scanner OptionBJC101$450

This is an example of Advanced Tables

Your Members
MembersDate of InductionTrade or SkillBalance
Mr John DoeFoundation MemberTreasurer$3000
Mrs Jane DowFoundation MemberEntertainment Director$3000

These are Basic Lists.

Ordered List.
  1. Item Number One
  2. Item Number Two
  3. Item Number Three
  4. Item Number Four
Ordered List with Roman Numerals.
  1. Introduction
  2. Part One
  3. Part Two
  4. Part Three
  5. Part Four
Unordered List.
Unordered List with Squares.
Definition List.
The 1st Term(Blah Blah.)
The 1st Defintition. Could be whatever.
The 2nd Term(Blah Blah.)
The 2nd Defintition. Could be whatever.
The 3rd Term(Blah Blah.)
The 3rd Defintition. Could be whatever.

This is an Example of a basic HTML Form.

The Heading Here!
This is the Little write up.
Complete the form and click on the Send Now button.
Your Name: 
Email address: 
Tell us some of your ideas:
What type of netdeck are you using: 
Do you have your own Net page(s)? Yes No
If you have your own page, indicate the following that you have included in it:
....... Fancy fonts
... Graphics
.............. Animated .GIFs
......... Image Maps
....................... VB/ CGI/Java scripts
................................... Visitor counter or guest book
Thanks for taking time to fill in the form! We look forward to
hearing your responses & processing your application.

These are Hyperlinks.

Click here to send mail to You.
Click here to download with FTP a file called "".
Click here to view the Gopher of the US Library of Congress.
Click here to read the X-Files Newsgroup.
Click here to Log onto My Computer via Telnet.

These are Basic Java Scripts.

Date & Time Script

These are Examples of Frames.

Row in a Frame.
Columns in a Frame.
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