Links of Intrest
A small collection of personal links in cyberspace.
. HotBoT - Hotwired search engine The Search Engine.
  Timex Makers of my DataLink 150.
  Wrist App Foundry Free Apps for DataLink 150.
  Hotmail Free Email from Microsoft?
  Tripod Free Home Pages.
  Australian Personal Computer Magazine Australian Born & Breed.
  ICQ Internet Pager System & Much More.
  University of Queensand A Place I used to Work In.
A.B.C TV & Radio Australia Home of Triple J, It's a Radio Station! On the NET via Real Audio.
CEcity Do you own a CE HPC?
  CASIO Home Page Makers of my Cassiopeia
Rotten.Com The Gallery from hell!
Kenetix Makers of Studio 3D MAX.
Earthview Satelite mapping our Home
21Century CyberMagazine
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