Real Name: For further information please report to the target end of the rifle range. BLAM!
Role: Solo. (Gun for Hire!)
Special Skills: How to kill, How to kill with radius.
Likes: Good Friends, Getting my own way, Reverse Psychology? & Killing Shit Heads.
Dislikes: The Wheelchair, Waking up before 12 noon & Negitive People.
Current PC: PII333, 196mbsgram, 14gighdd, 6x DVD  + 6R2W2RWcdrom, Voodoo3_3500_Vid_out, hp5scsiscanner, MX200_AudPCI, TV&FM_PCI_Vid_in, Netcard10/100_PCI, 17'monitor, 56kSVDmodem (New One - Previous killed by Storm), zipdrive, local&internet & Like I'm gonna tell you everything. Right! A Machine of Death + a Playstation(CHIPED) with Namco Controller. Plus my old PPRO200 is now the house quake2 server & MSMailbox.
Favorite Weapon: MK19 Grenade Launcher connetced to FN-RAL
Attention Cyber Feinds!CODE NAME : ARIAN SINSHU
Real Name: ERROR! No file key present unable to de-crypt information!
Role: Netrunner / Techie. (Computer Hacker/Electronic Genius?)
Special Skills: Information Retrieval, Special Salvage, Jury Rig, Survival & Street Justice.
Likes: Sex, Technology, Excitement, Real Estate & Video Games.
Dilikes: The Real Internet Wars, Mindless Decisions, 365days in a year, Internet connections under T3, Recycled or Bullshit Information & Corporations without a green heart.
Current PC: PII350, 256mbsgram, 13gighdd, 2x DVDrom, ASUS_TNT2_Vid_in_Vid_out+VR, SBLive_PCI_SLI, Netcard10/100_PCI, 17'monitor, cannonbjc-2400, 33.6kSVDmodem, LS120drive, localnet, 5port-internal-hub & Timex DL150.
Favorite Pieces of Equipment: Handmade Titainum NetDeck, SRVGA VR headset, Twin Skin Data Gloves, DataTech Scanner, My IFace Plugs, Armored Mobile Home/Network69Mhz Low Frequency MobileTV Studio & 7.62mm AP MalorianII 7 Shot VHeavy Handgun (Cyborg Killer).
Street Justice!CODE NAME : ASP
Real Name: Unknown. But for a price$ Arian will tell all.
Role: Netrunner/Solo.
Special Skills: A netrunner who's scared of the NET? Spends more time Shooting.
Likes: The Rain, Hitech Sex & Rockets Baby!
Dilikes: Bloodbarth's Tricks, The Morning (before 12pm).
Current PC: MMX 233, 64mbram, 6gighdd, 24xcdrom, No.9(DIRECT3D)-12mbvram, YamahaOPLsoundcard, 17'monitor, cannonbjc?, Direct to the Internet CISSCO Router, zipdrive, localnet & another 10 PC's like this one + 2 NEW SEXY iMacs with 2 more on the way.
Favorite Pieces of Equipment: My Personality.

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